What are your prices?

Our prices vary for vehicle size. We encourage new customers to call and receive a quick, low, and easy price quote 405-321-4444. [Back to top]

Why should I have my car detailed?

It is important to keep your vehicle clean for many reasons, the true amount is infinite. Most importantly, a clean car is worth more. A well detailed vehicle can be worth thousands more than a dirty, unmaintained vehicle. Another great reason to have your vehicle detailed is for the simple reason of the enjoyment from owning a vehicle in brand new, show room condition. A well detailed vehicle that has been performed by a professional and with the use of the highest quality products will bring back or keep the show room condition. Every exposed surface inside and out is fully cleaned and left with a strong protectant that preserves the mint condition of the vehicle. [Back to top]

What will Auto Image do for my car?

We will perform all services, steps, and processes outlined on our services page. We have highly experienced detailers and have combined the best of all detailing methods, knowledge, and products possible. The detailing industry has changed and advanced and so with it has Auto Image. Instead of mediocre car wax, we use only the highest grade, strongest, most durable paint sealants that give our customers the highest level of protection possible combined with leaving deep, glossy, nutrient rich, jaw dropping show car paint finishes. All interior vinyl, leather, and plastic is cleaned and also dressed with a high nutrient, sun blocking dressing that prevents drying, fading and cracking which can all cause loss of value. Our detailers use Meguiar's, 3M, & EnviroProducts Professional Products available for use by professionals only. We do this because they have been used to beautify cars since 1901 and work closely with many car manufacturers to provide the highest grade and best products on the market. We use steam cleaning at a heat of 200 degrees to fully extract all dirt and remove all the stains possible. Ace will soon be adding carpet dyeing to repair interior carpets that have been permanently stained or bleached. [Back to top]

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

Anywhere from one to four months depending on the conditions. A high end, expensive vehicle should be detailed monthly to keep it in mint condition. All other vehicles should be detailed every two to four months. If a vehicle is garage kept and out of the elements that cause depreciation (sun, rain, branches, bird droppings, tree sap, sand, salt, etc.), it can allow more time in between the details. [Back to top]

What is the difference between your service and the express ones offered by car washes?

The difference is huge. Express services offered by car washes are exactly that, express. This means that they are performed quickly. The problem is, that to perform the service quicker, corners must be cut. Weaker products are applied and not given the correct time to bond to the surface. Lower quality products are also used to save money and are often easier and faster to apply than the high quality ones used by Auto Image. This jeopardizes the amount of protection left on the car and you often pay a high price for the shorter time spent to perform the service. If you are going to spend the money to have your car detailed, use a professional that values correct methods and the very best products, as we do! [Back to top]

Can you serve commercial and fleet accounts?

Absolutely! We welcome all commercial accounts. Taxi, Limo, Fleet, Dealerships, Repair Shops and more!!! Also, company managers can add our services as a convenient benefit for employees. [Back to top]

How long does a detail take?

Generally between one and five hours, depending on the size of the vehicle and the services needed. [Back to top]