Thank you for your interest in our services. We have a variety of packages that cover all of your detailing needs. Click on a service/package below for more information.

Full Detail Inside & Out

Includes... All services in both the INTERIOR and EXTERIOR. [Back to top]

Inside/Outside Wash


  • Hand Wash & wax
  • Power Rinse
  • Chamois Dry
  • Wheel Brite
  • Tire Shine
  • Full Vacuum
  • Clean and Dress Dash and Center Console
  • Crystal Clear Window Clean
  • Door Jamb Wipe and Shine
  • Fragrance - New Car Scent
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What will Auto Image do for my car?

Protective Includes...

  • Extra Paint Sealant - strengthens protection on paint, lasts longer, adds shine
  • Rain-X - highly improves visibility and safety on windshields in rain and snow, keeps windows clean longer, acts like wax for windows
  • Fabric Protection - an invisible safe solvent applied to carpet that repels and seals out stains, doesn't change texture of carpet, lasts one year, very popular service
  • Wheel Wax - highly recommended for winter to prevent sand and salts from eating wheels and rims, makes wheels look great, improves brake life by stopping brake bust buildup and keeping brakes cooler
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What will Auto Image do for my car?

Cleaning Includes...

  • Heavy Bug and Tar Removal
  • Tree Sap or Glue Removal
  • Overspray and Environmental Fallout Removal
  • Sticker and Dealer Decal Removal
  • Pet Hair Removal
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